For the UI for the game I didn’t want it just to serve a function or look pretty, I wanted it to have a story reason for it’s look that “made sense” in the context of the overall game. I discussed with Marvel various options (possibly having it based on Avengers, or Tony Stark/Iron Man tech, or Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four) but we decided on a high-tech interface that was created by S.H.I.E.L.D. This enabled us to have communications and missions be sent to the player by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and this story framework helped guide the visual design. There were hundreds of hours of meetings to figure out usability, systems, and of course basic interaction, but it was super artist JK who crafted the final high tech look that really pulled it all together. Creating the hundreds of icons that had to summarize a super power in a 64×64 pixel canvas was a big challenge, sometimes having to get either very literal or very abstract with the concept and graphics, and artist Nino Navarra did the final graphics for them.


I made the logo for the game, actually 3 times, as we first changed names and then went for a different look. Here’s the final one:

I also made the logo for our studio within Gazillion called “Secret Identity Studios”:


For our first piece of major key art I posed the characters in Maya, then the character team rendered them out, and we all worked on paintovers in Photoshop on different characters and I did the final compositing.

Our second major piece of key art was by Marko Djurdjevic and his team at Six More Vodka. They just knocked it out of the park. I gave minimal notes on behalf of Marvel and our team, but it was a just beautiful piece that was also a poster giveaway at some conventions. Amazing work, and great to work with such talent!

Our third piece of major key art was this stunning piece by J Scott Campbell, with colors by Nei Ruffino. A huge challenge because of several factors (it had to be divisible into three groups of heroes, each with an equal division of Marvel “families”, and just the sheer amount of work that went into it. Seeing it come in from the rough stages on was super exciting, and it was great working with J Scott.


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